The Secret Hits of Patrick Brayer Discography

Volume 60: My Sixtieth Shadow (2021)

the 1913 massacre / empty cage / butcher shop red / the bells of san bernardino / truce of diamonds / fontana be thy name / strawberry malt / my father left me a honky tonk / it’s never to late / soundtrack to a weed

Liner Notes

Volume 59: Bouquet of Pitchforks (2018)
clementine / toe tag on my heart / bouquet of pitchforks / cinder block heaven / my angel’s drink is empty / saving the dust for last / wayfaring stranger / hound’s tooth moon / one little word / hay bale theatrics / the parting glass / load of kaiser steel / trailer park velvet / talk about suffering / clementine

Liner Notes

Volume 58: Wreckrium (2016)

together torn apart / bad dream / little lavender spanish house / my heart’s grenade / nobody dies alone / branding iron girl / i cover the waterfront / riot of hands and shadows / let’s see what a song can do / long live okie adams when he died / when you’re done you leave / buried treasure / i can’t afford to fail / send her a fool / i love you (but in a good way)

Liner Notes

Volume 57: writer’s knight (2015)
hello she lied / what I wouldn’t give / a place to fall apart / we’re a mess together / pound and pine / bad dream / until guns shoot flowers / you know what / mother the queen of my heart / any reference to return / live, love, and disappear / I’m closing up shop (spoken) / half empty, half fool / she’s like some wine you can’t afford / holy bottle, glass divine / bourbon on the rocks / we don’t sleep (spoken)

volume 56: big family trouble (2014)
pull back your hair / we’re all gonna be angels someday / a world without ray, amen / pharmaceutical bride / crosshairs on the teardrops / you might need to erase some things / almost home / when tears will finally rhyme / tonight the bible let me down / never leave fontucky alive / father’s garden / the heart only wants what it wants / settle for the best / sinker, line, and hurt

volume 55: oh brother why art thou (2012)
king of the teardrop trailer / rome wasn’t drunk in a day / blue fontana blues / love her while she’s conscious / the sober night / you can have her (she’s mine) / precious memories / she’s the trip that i’ve been on / prison in a bottle / san gabriel nocturne

volume 54: your tender loving scream (2012)
san gabriel nocturne / note to self (to say goodbye) / dawn / girl in black / burn pile / as if you insist / blackeyed girl from san berdoo / the garden / prescription drugs and toast / give my heart a try 

volume 53: fontana girl (2010)
true nature / no short cut to the roses / eve and adam / i want to be right / casual sex / capture and release / twelve gauge eden / if love didn’t care / my bureau drawer / fontana girl / i love you

volume 52: bibel songs (2010)
i’m going to love you in advance / mercy off me / the ballad of kay kanaki / oleander and glass / footprints in the snow / standing there / the icing on my big mistake / gravetta / how about you / war in peace / the man who embalmed hank williams / blood sand steel

volume 51: the shadders (2008)
the inner dark outside / f.r.e.e.d.u.m.b. / my wife ran off with jesus / norco girl / a painless way to cry / lose it / buried at the alter / iodine roses / black and blue wedding gown / going / the dry sierras / slidell / only take what you earn

volume 50: cornbread halo (2007)
powder blue bible / qualify my love / the follow / jesus on the back burner / lake ponchartrain
all quiet on the western front / cornbread halo / I’m just not that brave / Achilles heel
cry fool cry / string of empties / death holds the longest kiss / voice of reason

volume 49: me hero, me home (2006)
small price / veins of cloth / elsinore / white boy / breaking my own heart / juventino
broke life memorial day / diamond slippers / him and her / high time

volume 48: god bless sour homeys (2005)
why must people cry / more teardrops than reason / fire involved / fertilize your grave
a woman can tell / we destroy each other / beyond the blue / my heart is stinkin’ up the room
steeltown digs / last tear back / only from inside / the ledge of panic / holiday for losers / bill bergan 1954-2005

volume 47: on your mark, get set, pretend (2005)
on your mark / I love to forget / a million o’clock in the morning / the earth can’t buy you / buffalo eye / any other way / rolex tattoo / will you hear me / used oil / to the fruit / reality / mr. deprogrammer

volume 46: black belt in romance (2005)
losing ground / king of the dust and oranges / wildtown / hiding jesus / little tired
lonely while it lasted / kingdom too / black belt in romance / the pint of no return
my pal is gone / love is a hard code / gray flannel world / FF CH31: boats, guitars, and the songs of death

volume 45: uptown (2004)
time of the song / silent partners / sooner or later / time to time / twenty four ounces times three
fashion / his veins contain us / gloryland / all around my life / my ears should burn / same path / time of the song

volume 44: the fifty year long song (2004)
what will you become / anything but us / s.a.n.d. bernardino / riding into town / fiesta
tangled mind / our national thorns / old town / salt / rock and roll killed my mother / the long someday

volume 43: goodbye in regulation (2003)
goodbye in regulation / a heart that doesn’t show / steeldust gold / walking in the liquor store
san bernardino waltz / all is only fair / cash’n nin / the bottle told me so / violence is golden
drunk on arrival / doll clothes on the liquor bottles / my whole body / an orange grove noir

volume 42: berdoo lighter (2003)
sinful cowboy / barstow town / steeltown boy / razor in my rearview mirror
I gotta be found / apartment #9 / the one and only / coffins have no pockets mon
taking the long view home / dis wam me / every day we polish the stone
baby’s bottle / my own two knees / my tramp / shoulder of fortune / I’ve kissed you my last time

volume 41: the razor dirt of darkness (2002)
never forget it / I open our letter / head arrangements / the razor dirt of darkness
man and glass / love, peace, and happiness / christmas in hell
the unused road / ralph and eleanore / fool killer / happy hour
champagne and reefer / helpless for that reason / true man / I’ve been moved on

volume 40: cowboys on the vapor trail (2002)
the birds and bees / turn me into something / cowboys on the vapor trail / bar owner’s daughter / seasons of my heart / truly do / living on the outskirts / who’s gone / stars fell on alabama / my heart’s engraved / these true injuries / widow of a living man

volume 39: the victrola cosmos (2001)
let’s fall of the wagon together / I’m dust / death and texas / war in peace
hurry up and know it / my glass alibi / mushrooms in my beer / a cheater’s life in wood
dust on mother’s bottle / it’s might cold between the lines

volume 38: for crying in a bucket (2001)
world trade sinner / my sudden one / something different / the roof off of this love
I want to ride the tide / strung out / the darkness better / pretty patterns
it’s your life / difficult the love / dry sierras

volume 37: the shack years (2001)
imitation of the blues / gun heart pass / shack baby / cold white ambulance
I’m using my bottle for a road map / roses from my friends / I’m betting the farm on you
the sunny side of the glass / a shack on the edge of town / big heart / clown shoes / cry perfect

volume 36: the picket fence of mirrors (2001)
the calm collection of our hearts / cop killer / the picket fence of mirrors
babaree ellen / the king of the honky tonk mind / I can’t escape from you
I lost my mind in san bernardino / the hills of covina / neon and nylons

volume 35 : the longhorn suite (2000)
empty bottles / the field and stream / i’m gonna change my faith
the longhorn suite / casual death / the cold vacation
six angels polka / marge wick / shut up, you’re in lancaster now

volume 34: you broke the sky (1999)
you broke the sky / why play ourselves at all
the true forgotten you / the dimension of your ways
lost mind / the constilation of a fool / if good-bye left a shadow
the unconscious love affair / turn your love down

volume 33: the catcher in the pi (1998)
down in the willow garden / yours and mine / torched
official voices / the little bit too much
another rapture out to pasture / until the mountains, until the sea
coffee and pistols for two / so long, so wrong
she’s pretty as alcohol

volume 32.the whiphand string quartet (1998)
dear hunting / shock and sorrow / bourbon as a second language
face yourself / you cut me / free in delivery / cocktail napkin halo
the little too much

volume 31. the same eye blues (1998)
put the phone down / cozy little crack house
when the walls fall down / night creatures / the bonniville hearse
the heart is a cheap border town / the little box of ruin
the man who wouldn’t hoe corn

volume 30. fabric boy (1997)
shock and sorrow / lets let sorrow cleanse the heart
teardrops on the table tops / the boy who wouldn’t hoe corn
the fabric boy suite

volume 29. homesick for trouble (1997)
you’re a little lower now / homesick for trouble / out on the flesh
i shall not stand alone / poem 6-18-96
quart of whiskey, court of law / collaria / i’m glad you’re bad
fatal woman of the year / swing low sweet cherry sunset

volume 28. swap meet sunburn (1997)
the shadowlands / swap meet sun burn / guava flower
hard on the trail / do i have to shoot ya
drifters on the causeway / face to face transmission
jane’s fighting ships

volume 27. black sugar, black snow (1997)
black sugar, black snow / disorderly down at the borderly town
our fathers who are not in heaven / am i to be the one
the jagge doll / felony flats

volume 26. the humi-sorb collection (1997)
the invisible mark / the wrong blood for your body
snake eyes in paradise / the tape, the house, and the wife
stairway to your lips / you’ll never burn holly down
put your best face forward / san ber’dino

volume 25. bong water sunset (1997)
you don’t have to twist my arm / i’m in storage / four roses
bong water sunset / the fools of my trade / red wine and cake
the ballad of perfectita / cinderella / lunette

volume 24. these eight walls (1996)
these eight walls / diet of fear / nail scarred hands
the man who embalmed hank williams
the gun knife militaria western fishing show
handsome devil / down in the upper room
the truth is just a lie on drugs

volume 23. handcuffs on the cattlehorns (1996)
handcuffs on the cattlehorns / i’m gonna take my time with you
chain link roses / a black dress floats out on the water
i still can’t believe in balloons / her story is history to him
the frozen halo / bethlehem steel

volume 22. white peoples records (1996)
i’m taking down a castle / connie in chains / gold fish and pearls
white people’s records / two el caminos
i will hold you as you fight / one grain of sand
snake rattle and roll

volume 21. bourbon as a second language (1996)
the togethersville shark / a new tone in town
twelve step husband, beer stained wife
bourbon as a second language / prescription drugs ans toast
the fontana creation story / fugitive silence
the road to return

volume 20. maharishi, barbie, and ken (1996)
half life on the tether / quick take my picture
your fence, your house, and your door
sanya at the gatefold / maharishi, barbie, and ken
chamber / looking up the downward path
ghost on the ship / a half a block from the flame
your best definition

volume 19. dark nova (1996)
amanita you are my girl / coming and going / the devil’s building
it’s not the love / dark nova / over the crossroads
teardrops on the mainline

volume 18. the vegas variations (1996)
old town / ripped away / the vegas variations
anightmerica / steeltown witch / little darlio
in valentine’s way / 2012

volume 17. saint fontareffa (1996)
so long, so wrong / st. fontareffa / little precious
long long shadow / our hearts at last / twin edges
do yourself a little favor / the king of the pedals

volume 16. vox panther (1995)
within an inch of my heart / unwed husband
you want to die in love / baby friction
war in peace / before heaven slept with hell
triangle of the mind / vox panther

volume 15. the thorn colored town (1995)
painting pictures / bullet proof dad, fireproof mom
the knot not tightened by me / high heels sinking in the sand
imitation of the blues / mr. and misunderstood / crazy donna
the thorn colored town

volume 14. a day in bollina court (1995)
lonely moon / bougainvillea kisses / fill it up / i’ve got three feet
two jezus / hard rain / black butterfly

volume 13. a trip to decca phobia (1995)
green acres / laura’s puppets will never die
southern california jerusalem / white trash crop circles
inland empire girl / tonight the rice let me down /
prayer book skin / eve and adam (they got married)

volume 12 : treasure tone (1994)
mass at the motel / coconut boat / cold fashioned ways
1,2,3 forever’s door / black butterfly / trust somebody
lost lost girl / poemtry 11-7-94

volume 11 : too big for little bridges (live from the 7th wave coffee house) (1994)
too big for little bridges / lonely moon / fight on
to, for, and about you / funeral town

volume 10. the costa mesa dixen line (1993)
straight life no chaser / costa mesa dixen line / my place area
cold cold heart / victoriously wrong / two trees / loveless relic
hard rock minding

volume 9. catholic and western fabuli (1993)
three kinds of news / when your altar falls / lonely moon #2
bloodshot slacks / funeral town / 40 days and 40 fights
i serve my time / hard road to travel

volume 8 : angel fear (1993)
if you don’t want / train from the heart / homeopath oh homeopath
bridge over troubled daughters /poem 10-13-92 TU / angel fear
candle burn / the middle of the map to nowhere / steeltown boy

volume 7 : modern dots of beauty (live from the fleur de lis cafe 9-25-92 )
imitation of the blues #3 / V-8 ford / candy kisses in the dirt / you’ve got me floatin
modern dots of beauty / will you wait for me / the death letter

volume 6 : cry master (1992)
window up above / who’s who / cry master / motherless child
poem 3-5-92 / long black veil / noah’s ride / cruel cruel telephone / death letter

volume 5 : live in alabama

volume 4 : the modern orphan (1989)
imitation of the blues / the ballad of slivovitz / dabbed in blue / sammy / modern orphan
one reason / death don’t have no mercy / take good care of yourself

volume 3 : in this land of symbols (1989)
land of symbols / load of kaiser steel / born in the desert
fiddle-banjo / black nine / lonesome road / take some insurance

volume 2 : sexual stations of the cross (1989)
carter’s grave / tooth of a flame / route 66 / rockets to roses / sexual stations of the cross
impossible love / yearning / no more dreams

volume 1 : kittens on the cross (1989)
pontius pilate / don’t give your power away / 18 years old / kittens on the cross
shade of a tear / snowy white rain / crowns of creed / tell me darlin, what’s your name