Brayer Photos: Heroes in My Camp

With Chris Darrow, Claremont CA (photo: William Purcell)

With Stuart Duncan at the Hotel Nikko courtesy of Lyle Lovett.

With Kim Fowley, Redlands CA 2004 (photo: William Purcell)

The Brayers visit Ben Harper, Brentwood CA 2011

With Jack Hardy, New York 1996

With Michael Hedges, Mendocino CA 1997 (photo: Hilleary Burgess)

With Alison Krauss, Dan Tyminski, and Eleanore Frances, San Diego CA (photo: Hollace Brayer)

With John York at The Packing House, Claremont CA

With David Dickey at Chris Darrow’s memorial in Claremont 2020.

With Frizz Fuller at The Starvation Cafe, Fontana CA (photo: Michael Taelour)

With Ramblin’ Jack Elliott at The Ice House, Pasadena CA (photo: Alice Mastin)

With Bill Monroe at McCabe’s, Santa Monica CA 1973

With Roy Ruiz Clayton in The Daily Report Fontana CA

With Ernie K. Doe and his bride Antoinette at The Mother In-law Lounge in New Orleans, Louisiana (photo: Dirk Billie)

With Ralph Stanley at the UCR Barn, Riverside CA.

With my brother Michael Alan Brayer in Claremont CA (photo: Hollace Brayer)

With Pat Cloud at The Mission Inn, Riverside CA (photo: William Purcell)